Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Book-A-Day 26: Violet's Music

Violet's Music 
Written by: Angela Johnson
Illustrated by: Laura Huliska-Beith

What do you love to do more than anything else?  Do you have a passion that can't be stopped?  For Violet, that passion is music.  From the time she was a baby in a crib she was making music with a "boom, shake, beat, shake" of the rattle.  As she continues to grow her passion for music grows with her and she yearns to find someone who loves it just as much as she!  She looks for fellow music lovers when she walks down the street, plays on the beach, goes to school and meanders around town.  From museums, to zoos, the even the dentist, Violet continues her quest to find fellow musicians.  Violet's attitude is so upbeat and I love that she persists even when she continuously comes up empty-handed finding musical friends.  Does it happen?  Does she meet friends who love musical melodies and strumming instruments?  You'll have to read to find out!

A great book to introduce a passion project.  Brainstorm with students what their own passions are and how it makes them feel.  Describe how Violet's character feels about her passion based on the authors words in the story.  Ask students to think of things Violet may like about our school based on her character traits.  Or, what other book characters would Violet be friends with if they could meet? Get students to justify their answers by referencing evidence from the story.  

Author Angela Johnson has written many books for children.  To learn more about here click here

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